Winter Baby Sleep Dressing Learned}

Winter baby sleep dressing learned


baby clothingWhen prospective parents know that to be born is a girl or a boy , in addition to past men take the name , probably the most important thing is repairing the baby clothes . Newborn baby sleeping two-thirds of the time , ” smug ” ingredients initial batch of clothes too few practical requirements heavier . Rather than choose unique baby clothes

for the baby , as it is more apt to pick pajamas , sleepwear but also cozy and also to protect it , not ordinary ……

Suitable for hot and cold , a little spectrum

The baby in the womb of time, regardless of seasons, the 24 hours have stayed constant temperature of 37 degrees “small sauna ” in , so even if born in the summer , once the baby is also a lot colder . Newborn baby , because thermoregulatory mechanism is not yet fully adapted to the external environment , it should keep warm, especially premature babies , the accumulation of subcutaneous fat is not sufficient, it is even more important to keep warm . Personal clothing is naturally the first layer of defense to keep the baby ‘s body temperature .

How many baby wear and is closely related to the ambient temperature around in the baby’s room inside to put a thermometer can help you to better observe changes in ambient temperature . In general, the room temperature is 22-26 degrees to let the baby feel the most comfortable temperature , the younger the baby relative to the desired temperature slightly higher . Of course, this does not mean that the more warm the more “safe” , if the temperature is too high , your baby will wear too much sleep , but also sweat rash , fever or other anomalies .

Many parents touched the baby’s hands and feet cold, always worried about the baby wear less , in fact, the development of the baby’s circulatory system is not perfect, peripheral limbs feels colder is normal. Determine the baby’s cold should touch the neck, chest and other parts, as long as these places are not cold enough to wear even if the baby . How many baby clothes can also be worn with a simple judgment – the same environment than adults to wear something on it.

Beware sensitive , well- selected clothing

Baby’s skin is very delicate , personal clothing should be selected on the skin gentle cotton material , some of the baby’s skin to certain synthetic fibers ( such as polyester and the like ) are more sensitive , compared with natural fiber cotton fabric makes your baby better regulate body temperature, increase comfort of the skin, so that the baby can sleep all night.

While the choice of the time , paying particular attention to the armpits and crotch baby clothes are soft because they are part of the regular activities of the baby , but also need to protect delicate skin . In addition, a layer of baby diapers is also close pajamas, cotton diapers should be used , or the inner surface of the material using soft cotton diapers .

In addition to the material of clothes, but also pay attention laundry way . Bought new clothes may remain above some irritating substance , preferably washed once after to give the baby to wear . Adult clothing contaminated with bacteria and more, the best clothes and wash baby clothes separately from adults , to avoid bacterial contamination hidden and use a mild neutral , do not add spice baby clothes special detergent , reduce irritation. While eliminating the hassle of disposable diapers washing , but also in the selection can not be a little sloppy , in addition to soft, like diapers with aloe vera skin layer and allow healthy baby , the parents at ease.

In addition, the color of baby clothes just for their own style cute baby dressed in choosing when to choose more front cardigan dress better, more convenient front cardigan and diapering mom to wear off , reducing the chance the baby naked body . While the baby’s underwear should choose a light color, so moms discover stains and Baby Autumn Family Wear Pajama Letter Printing Children

exception. Loose jumpsuit also very suitable for newborns, but when I wear a bit tricky .

Experts say : Why love sweating baby to sleep ?

Because compared to adults , infants skin moisture large, metabolism, skin moisture evaporation , too. Even newborn babies, the number of sweat glands has reached the adult level , the same number of sweat glands located in a small area of a lot of places, no wonder almost baby to sleep easier at night than adults Sweating .

Experts say : How your baby’s tender skin ?

Baby’s skin wanted to ” delicate ” known how specific tender , we told you from the following three aspects:

1 fear mill : neonatal epidermal only 1/ 10 the thickness of adults, a period of months to one year old , adult epidermis only 1/3 ; infants and small collagen fibers in the dermis , the lack of flexibility , is not easily penetration of foreign objects , but also easy to scratch damage.

2 afraid of the sun : the lack of baby skin melanin , the pigment layer is relatively thin , which not only let the baby looks white , very easy to be the sun’s ultraviolet sunburn.

3 Drying: fewer baby skin sebum secretion , leading to dry skin, is apt to cause allergies, and even folliculitis.

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