Change Your Eye Color On A Whim With Colored Contact Lenses In Chicago

byAlma Abell

It used to be true that the eye color you were born with would be all that people would see, but modern optics have changed all that. Today’s eyewear comes in a variety of colors to suit your particular style. With colored contact lenses in Chicago you can change your eye color to match your mood. Imagine dressing up for the evening and matching your eyes to the makeup or clothes you plan to wear. Of course, contact lenses are more than just a cosmetic application. In fact, contact lenses can improve your life. For many people, the wearing of contact lenses is preferable to prescription glasses.

There are many types of contacts and many ways to wear them. You can get contact lenses in daily disposables, weekly, biweekly or monthly wear in either clear or colored versions. Plus, you don’t need to have a prescription to wear colored contacts. Plano lenses are available for anyone desiring a change of eye color. For example, your favorite Halloween costume might be enhanced by bright red contacts. You should consult with your optometrist before wearing any eyewear just to be safe.

Colored contacts are the perfect way to add a little glamor to your life, and they aren’t just for a few people. For example, people with astigmatism can wear custom contacts called Toric lenses. These lenses differ from normal contacts in both how they work and how they are worn. Toric lenses are shaped to refract light in specific ways, and each lens is custom shaped to fit perfectly. The beauty of colored Toric lenses is no one can tell you are wearing them.

One of the wonderful things about colored contact lenses in Chicago is the variety of colors available. If you wear daily contacts, you can change your eye color at a whim. Now your contacts or your eye color can match whatever outfit you plan to wear. Talk about a total ensemble! Of course, you still need to plan ahead because you will need to order the colors you desire ahead of time. If you are thinking about new contacts or colored contacts be sure to visit Tropical Optical Corp.