Diamond Pendants Of Glorious Design And Style Are Available

byAlma Abell

What is more elegant and suggestive than a gorgeous and illuminating diamond pendant? Few jewelry pieces capture the type of attention demanded by the right kind of pendant. Earrings are more subtle, generally, in their luxury and style. Diamond bands are also a bit quiet. That is not to say that they are not often exquisitely gorgeous, but they are not major showstoppers. If one wants to gain any kind of attention through their impeccable fashion and jewelry taste, they need to do it through a diamond pendant of style, luxury, and elegance.

Harry C Glinberg Jewelers has a reserved selection of diamond pendants available. The price range is actually quite impressive, especially given the pricey tendencies of pure diamond necklaces such as these. Some of the top choices right now are crosses. A six diamond collective pendant is available for $2,300. It boasts a stunning .86 karats of glistening diamond.

A piece nearly $4,800 showcases a staggering karat count. At 2.02 karats, this piece is one of the most superior available in the entire pendant line-up. Few pieces are as immediately eye catching- a glorious arrangement of impeccable quality. this is one of the higher priced items in the current inventory.

Few items can hold up to this level of quality diamond. It is simply a gorgeous display, and captures the right kind of attention. But not all jewelry is meant to grab attention in a public space. Some more simpler and cohesive designs are rather quaint in their style, and offer a sense of sophistication. For example, a .11 karat pendant for $284 is wonderfully styled. It has a centerpiece slightly disconnected from the ring of diamonds surrounding it. A price bracket up is a $1,251 piece with a golden design circling a center selection of diamonds. This piece is .44 karats, and another great selection on this lower priced scale.

What makes the company so great for so many is their ability to offer all types of high class luxury, from bands to earrings to necklaces. Though all the pieces are squarely in the upper class of quality, some are more affordable than others.