Cocktail Party: Dress Code}

Cocktail Party: Dress Code


Varun JaiswalCocktail parties are today”s” trend wherein the people from the corporate world find a reason for drinking but for the more smarter ones cocktail parties can serve as perfect relation building platforms. These parties are the place where the producers enter into the personal space of the clients and have a better relationship with them. These parties take people away from the stressful situations of life and unfurl some blissful moments for the exhausted people. The most important thing which is to be taken care of is one”s attire. Always remember proper attire and etiquettes can have an ever lasting impression even before a direct contact is made. Men going for a Cocktail party should generally wear suits backed up with an elegant tie. The colour of the fabric worn and the type o fabric used may vary from one occasion to the other or may vary from season to season. Suits and tuxedos having pinching colours should be avoided at all costs; shades of black are always a safe choice when spoilt for choices. Women going for a cocktail party may wear cocktail length dress and their makeup and use of cosmetics should be at par with the time of the day and in accordance with the season. The dressing style of a person going for a cocktail party may depend on various factors. For a cocktail party some decorum has to be maintained. The first thing which holds a clue about the cocktail party is the mode of invitation. If the invitation is through a phone call or an email then it signifies less formal nature f the party but if it”s a formal invitation then it marks a very formal party which demands a formal dressing up style. The time of the cocktail party also holds a clue about the type of fabric to be used. If the party is being organized during the fall or during the winter season then dark coloured fabrics are preferred but if it”s during the summer or the spring ten light coloured cotton fabrics are good. Men can wear a tuxedo or a coat or a blazer with a tie. Women can wear knee length skirts along with a fitting blouse or a halter neck shirt if the nature of the party is a bit informal. In case of formal parties women can go for business suits for dealing with high profile clients and management people. When the nature of the party is quite informal then skirts made of wool alongside embroidered cardigan are good for winter evenings while spaghetti outfits are cool ones for summer evenings. If people are coming along with their partners” then proper co-ordination in each other”s dressing style play an important role and leads to an overall couple look.As they say, “First impression is the last impression”, in order to have a good impression on the one and all present in the party one has to maintain a proper decorum in their clothing style and attire.

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