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How To Buy A Good Down Jacket

How to buy a good down jacket


Dilly Danny

Firstly; How to identify a down jacket.

A. Put the down jacket on a smooth desk, with both hands gently pat it, if its feathers of flocculent fleeciness up degree is high, and filled with air, it will be a true down jacket. If its hair dies, fluffy don’t get up, it may contain acrylic cotton.

B. False feather often has fabrics of flocculent in the inner layer, the quantum parts of the feather is acrylic cotton, when buying a down jacket, you should carefully touch and feel it by hand. Comparing internal and external appearance if you feel hard one side, and soft the other side, it is likely a fake one.

C. Please note that some customers thought the more soft it feels, the better it is, MAO infarction is the fewer the better. Actually it’s not, because the feather in total more or less contains some fixed proportion of wool (known as MAO stems). If it feels no MAO, be about to consider whether it is a fake one.

Secondly; how to choose and buy a down jacket.


Choosing a good or bad down jacket is related to consumer interests and possibly brings disadvantages to human health. When choosing and buying a down jacket, you should pay special attention to the following aspects:

A. style: innovative, unique, suitable body, generous, practical.

B. price: generally with a moderate price, if the price is too low, the feather quality cannot assure, it is easy to produce all sorts of quality issue.

C. recovery: press the fleeciness down jacket, then release it, if it rapidly rebound and restore in the original state. it illustrates the quality of the coat is good.

D. preventing drilling performance: the inner material of the coat should have preventing drilling flocking performance. Pat it, if it can be found the eiderdown fluff, it must be an inferior product. Due to the characteristics of eider down with soft cloth with soft nap, a little silk from suture appliances is normal.

E. permeability: feather cannot drill flocking, but should also have certain permeability, for example, if the permeability of fabrics, in material, bravery material are poor, first, when someone is dressed in it, the process of water vapor is not easily to be sent out, it will cause damp and you won’t feel comfortable or warm. Second, it is not easily dry after being washed. The above two factors can make the quality of the coat worse in damp conditions and metamorphism, stink in different degree.

F. bouquet: smell it, take a deep breath clingy eiderdown, avoid buying a coat with a pungent flavor inside. But because it is animal plumage, a certain smell is normal.

Special remind:

(1) The feather on the various markers shall be complete, such as the names and addresses, fabric in material content, feathers, filling the type and HanRongLiang, RongLiang index, washing mark, quality grades, executive standard code, etc.

(2) Special attention should be paid to whether the feather lined with plastic film and fake material without the airtight line makings.

(3) You’d better go to large and medium-sized bazaar with standard feather quality prestige, after-sales service to choose and buy a down jacket. Because it will be helpful for protecting the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

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How to buy a good down jacket