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Drill Press For Commercial And Industrial Purposes

Drill Press for Commercial and Industrial Purposes


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A drill press which is used heavily in production industry is also known as pedestal drill, pillar drill, or bench drill. Often a fixed machine, drill press is mounted on a stand or bolted to the floor that means it should be placed above the ground level. Nevertheless, there are several parts in a drill press e.g. a base, column, table, spindle, drill head, etc. amongst others. The head in drill machine has a set of handles that radiates from a central hub. When it is turned, it moves the spindle and chuck vertically and parallel to the axis of the pillars.

Several Advantages of Drill Press

The automatic drill press has several advantages over a hand-held drill; for instance, it requires fewer efforts when drilling is done on some piece. Moreover, in order to make the operation secure, a table is used that allows a vise or clamp to be used to position and restrain the work. Precision in drilling is another important feature in drill press as the angle of the spindle is fixed according to the table that allows holes to be drilled precisely.


As drill presses equipped with powerful motors compared to hand-held drills, these are able to perform a job swiftly and comfortably. Additionally, such a powerful motor also enables larger drill bits and more number of drills in limited period time. Speed of drilling can be maneuvered; this helps in getting the production done within a stipulated time. Used for miscellaneous workshop tasks including of but not limited to sanding, honing or polishing, mounting sanding drums, honing wheels, etc. drill press are a commonly found tools.

Tape Measure

Measurement is an important part of wood working or surveying. Tape measure or measuring tape is used on those surfaces that need flexible form of ruler. Thus, the tape measures that are made using ribbon of cloth, plastic, fiber glass, or metal strip are flexible. Containing linear-measurement markings, these measuring tapes can be seen construction sites, furniture making companies, tailor s shop, or any other profession that requires some sort for measurement.

Thus, the measuring tool which was once used only in tailoring or dressmaking is now used extensively in carpentry or construction. In order to make the tape measure flexible to accommodate measuring in all sorts of surfaces and length, it is made using the raw materials that do not break down when folded or twisted.

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