Bay Window Curtain Rods: What You Need To Know

By William I. Neil

What is a bay window? A bay window is one which protrudes from the wall. Unlike most windows, it is not flat and it usually has a seat in it. The bay window provides a small nook in any room and its curtains should be simple and do not overwhelm the space. You should avoid the use of bulky curtains and instead use sheer materials to decorate your bay window. Bay window curtains would definitely need special bay window curtain rods.

Bay windows can add aesthetic beauty to any room; however, they also need special treatment. This is true specifically with bay window curtain rods. These special curtain rods are somewhat hard to replace. Given this scenario, how do you deal with it? It is undeniable that bay windows can sometimes be difficult to decorate, but the concern for curtain rods is highly solvable. You cannot just use any ordinary curtain rods for your bay window curtains. You will need specially curved bay window curtain rods that will fit into the distinctive frame. These types of curtain rods are often made of metal with white finish. There are different sizes to choose from and they are adjustable to fit any type of bay windows. What you also have to consider is that these types of curtain rods can only support curtains made of light materials, so you need to refrain from using heavy draperies for your bay windows.


However, if you are having a hard time finding specially made bay window curtain rods, you can still use your regular window curtain rods. There are just some things that you need to do to make them compatible to your bay windows. You can try reshaping your regular window curtain rods using special tools to fit them on your bay window. The downside is that you if you don’t have special tools to aid you in reshaping the curtain rods, it would be very difficult. If you still don’t want to make a lot of fuss on your bay window, you can also use your regular curtain rods. You can even use regular window blinds just like any other windows in your house. However, you will loose your bay window’s aesthetic beauty since using blinds and regular curtains would completely cover up your bay window. It would also take away the bay window’s functionally all together.

In order to make decorating your bay window a breeze, you need to consider how your bay window was constructed. Like for example, if you have a bay window with beautiful and stylish frames, you might want to consider using individual and inside-mounted curtains to make the bay window stand out. The use of Roman shades could achieve just that. There are also bay windows that are closely spaced. If you do have this type of bay window, you can just use simple shades or blinds. If you have a wider spaced bay window, you can just using a stationary panel to be hung outside the windows and between each other.

Some homeowners easily get intimidated when they move in to a new house that has bay windows because they fear that they won’t be able to choose the right curtains for them. But you got to keep in mind that if you have the right bay window curtain rods, you will never have a hard time enhancing your bay window.

About the Author: William I. Neil is an architect, providing information and directories about home improvement, bay window curtain, curtain hardware and bathroom window curtain

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