Displaying Color Banners

Submitted by: Dominik Hussl

Color banners are everywhere. They display all types of messages.

It may be a sidewalk sale, a clearance event, a promotion for a new product, or grand opening. When having these events and others, a business wants to get their message out loud and clear, and that is why they choose to use color banners to convey such messages.

When it comes to actually choosing the right shades on color banners, which ones get the most attention and attract more customers? Are there such colors?

Most people would say yes, and that would be true. They say a lot about people, places, and things.

With color banners, there are a few things that need to be considered before making the purchase. What is the message that is desired to be conveyed?

Is there a target audience in mind? These can all play a part in choosing the right scheme.


Let s talk about some basic options for color banners. Depending on what the sign is going to be for will make a huge difference on what scheme is used.

Some can be very simple and use only two shades like red on white, while others are much more detailed. If that is the case, then three shades should be chosen.

First choose a primary shade, then a secondary shade that would be close to the primary shade, then a highlighting shade. This shade would be used to emphasize a word or phrase in the banner.

It should contrast dramatically from the primary and secondary shade. The best ways to choose these is with a color wheel. Looking at one, it is easy to see what shades compliment other shades and which ones would stand out against the others.

The size of the banner is also going to determine how much information is placed on the sign. No matter what, the basic information needs to be there.

Make sure that if there is a lot of information, it is concise and clear, and the fewest number of words are used. Unless a graphic is going to be used, keep the color usage to a minimum. Too many can make any signage very distracting and unappealing.

As far as what shades or hues to use, there is actually a lot of information about that. It can be narrowed down quite easily, but remember when using more than one shade to make sure that they are complimentary.

As a rule, red and yellow, blue and yellow, and blue and orange are great combinations. Red conveys feelings of excitement, strength, and speed which is probably why people often see shades of it on clearance signs and grand opening signs.

Yellow conveys feelings of warmth, happiness, and comfort. Blue conveys feelings of calm, understanding, trustworthiness, and stability.

All different shades of blue are used by businesses over any other shade because of the emotions it evokes. Orange conveys feelings of happiness, energy, and ambition.

These are all a great place to start when designing the banner. It will also help get the attention of the customer.

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