Using Notes To Pst Conversion Tool When Mailbox Size Exceeds The Limit Of 1 Gb

Submitted by: Roger Sandler

Every organization looks for high-end technology that can take their business to the crest. At another point, the need of such technology arises to increase the comfort level of working environment. A result-oriented and advance application is therefore preferred and appreciated by competent corporate organizations. The introduction of Outlook as an impeccable application has managed to replace Lotus Notes in large numbers of organizations. However, both of them have their own pros & cons, and are used according to the need. Variations in need have raised the situation where migrating data from Lotus Notes to Outlook or vice-versa has become quite common in today s corporate environment.

But, before you perform the process of migration from one of these application, thorough knowledge of these application is necessary. Because transferring data from one application to another has to be performed very carefully and have to make sure that no data get lost in the middle of the migration. You need not to worry as Microsoft does provide a free utility termed Migration Wizard (MAILMIG). This Migration Wizard simply migrate data from foreign email platform to Exchange email clients. But, if closely observe, you may come across a fact that this Wizard does not work properly while migrating the items from Notes to PST if the size of the mailbox exceeds 1GB or if the email items in the mailbox cross 16,000 marks in a single folder.


Certainly, it is not a feasible situation if the size of the mailbox is more than 1 GB and the number of messages is more than 16,000. At such scenario, even if you perform Notes to exchange conversion the process will not be successful. This is due to the very fact that API can obtain 16,128 items only from any given folder. This limitation of Migration Wizard restricts users to perform successful Notes to PST conversion if the size of the mailbox is large. However, you have other options to resolve this issue if your mailbox size is more than 1 GB.

1. To safeguard your data reduce the mailbox size on the Lotus Notes Server.

2. By using Outlook, either delete all the mail items or save them to PST file and combine the files into User mailbox with the help of Exmerge tool.

The other feasible option you are left with is using third-party Notes to PST conversion tool. This is the best way to perform flawless migration with utmost accuracy and to save all your emails without any trouble. Although, there are several tools available online, but Kernel for Lotus Notes to Outlook software is the most advance tool for email migration. The software simplifies this tedious and time-consuming process and allows even a novice user to perform Notes to PST migration without the assitance of any technical support. Kernel for Lotus Notes to Outlook software is simple, result-oriented and extremely viable tool available today for email migration from Note to PST file. This software also provides the option to evaluate it performance by offering free demo version, which performs exactly like the full version. After witnessing satisfactory performance, you can buy the full version.

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