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The Simplest Way To Set Up An Rv When R Ving Full Time, Part One

Submitted by: Ralph Burns

One of the things that we seriously needed when RVing fulltime is some kind of check-list which detailed all of the procedures you need to do once you setup your Motorhome at the Recreational vehicle campground.

We all went online and we weren’t able to find a very good Motorhome set up check-list anyplace. Therefore we developed a thirteen step check list to assist you to setup your Mobile home when you arrive at a camping site. We’re going to include steps 1-7 on this page.

1. Park the Motorhome

* This may seem kind of self evident, nevertheless, you will need to park the Recreational vehicle so your electrical, drinking water and sewer hookups are on the very same side as their specific hookups.

2. Level the Mobile home

* Go inside your Motorhome and take out your level and evaluate exactly how level the Motor home is. If the Rv is level proceed to step # 3.

* If it’s not level, then get some 2×10 lumber cut to about 12 inches in length and place them right behind the wheels along the side of the Motor home that is lower than the opposite.


* Then back up the Motor home so it lands on the 2x10s. It helps to have a spotter next to the tires accompanied by a radio.

* If required, add and adjust the boards so that the Rv is level.

3. Chock the Motorhome Tires

* Put something in front of as well as at the rear of the Motorhome tires that will keep the fifth wheel from shifting. We suggest the vinyl chocks given that they perform so well.

* Blocks of wood and stones work too, however , you definitely don’t want to be worried about the Recreational vehicle moving about so get some good chocks because they don’t cost very much.

4. Set Down the Front Stabilizers

* To begin with, release the stabilizer supports on your stabilizers.

* Then place extra 2×10 pieces immediately under the stabilizers and lengthen the stabilizers half way.

* After that pull and drop the Rv stabilizer feet over the 2×10 pieces, restore the pins and then touch the extend switch so that the Mobile home actually starts to lift off the back of the truck hitch slightly.

* Look for a sliver of sunshine between your Rv hitch and the Recreational vehicle itself. Next tighten up the stabilizer supports and ensure it is all totally steady and secure.

5. Put Down the Rear Stabilizers

* Like the front stabilizers, put down the back stabilizers until finally they almost reach the ground. Position additional 2x10s beneath the feet and after that fully extend the stabilizers.

* The more 2x10s you utilize underneath the rear stabilizers, the more firm and less rocky the Motorhome is going to be. Sometimes I put seven or eight of them under the feet so it will be extremely snug. Once you do this in combination with the stabilizer supports, your Recreational vehicle is going to be as rock solid as home.

* Once the feet are completely down, firm up your stabilizer supports so that the whole stabilizer structure is secure.

6. Detach your truck from the Recreational vehicle

* Ensure you see daylight between your hitch on the pickup truck as well as the hitch plate on your fifth wheel Rv, after that pull out hitch pin.

* If the pin gets wedged, shift the truck into Neutral. This process minimizes the stress on the hitch pin so you’re able to discharge it a lot more easily.

* As soon as the pin is released, disconnect your electrical power line along with the emergency braking system stop.

In our next article, we will finish the step by step list, so look out for that next.

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