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New York Fashion Week Venue There Are New Tricks To Attract Attention

By Orietta Qi

2011 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week New York Spring Series Posted on September 9 to 16 held a total of 8 days staged more than 90 brands of the 2011 spring and summer series of games released, including the well-known international brands Donna Karen, Calvin Klein and the new generation of hot brand Alexander Wang and so on. In addition to each brand new series released outside during Fashion Week in New York also held a number of fashion-related activities, such as the “Vogue” magazine editor Anna Wintour U.S. special launch of the “modern city that never sleeps” activities and the designer talent show “Project Runway” publishing the final works.

New York Fashion Week this season fully transferred to the Lincoln Center’s Damrosch Park release, which said goodbye Since 1993, hundreds of designers at Bryant Park tent show held in publishing years. Damrosch Park have more exhibition space, designers can provide more opportunities to display their talent, for which, the organizers also specifically within Lincoln Center will be a subway line was renamed “fashion line” for the Fashion Week fun. It is reported that moving to a new site New York Fashion Week has attracted 230,000 buyers, editors, fashion designers and celebrities to attend, bringing New York 7.7 billion in economic benefits. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said: “New York Fashion Week to create a gradual spread of the excitement in the city.” Of course, some designers do not buy it, Jason Wu and Nick Miller in the announced in May this year to the Mercer Street in SoHo District 82 conference at the.

As for this season’s fashion trends, New York, T-units show a more daring direction. The return of bright colors is a major highlight, especially the white. More compact design allows brands to reduce costs. Also, the pants fashion T occupies the center of Taiwan, and in some designer’s conference, trousers and even dresses as alternative to opening the original main characters.

It is worth mentioning that, in addition to a bold design trends, the current fashion week, another hot spot is an unprecedented launch of the “plump models show”, the organizers abandoned the previous occupation of skinny models routine T station, enabling a grant figure is closer to the average ratio of U.S. women models.

Fashion show open to attract consumers


Supermodel Naomi Campbell wearing a hot leather pants in the Madison Avenue sidewalk dancing; design star Alexander Wang at retail stores open gatherings; “Vogue” editor of the United States put on a Anna Winter T-shirts; Madison Avenue filled with taxis and people, many of them are ranked in the department store channel Fugudeman outside, waiting to see Victoria Beckham came out to promote her new series ……

These are only put on 7 September that the “modern city that never sleeps” campaign to see the picture, this event is organized by Anna Wintour, launched last year to attract consumers into the store and restore the United States gradually declining fashion industry.

The “open fashion show” is the second session of the “modern city that never sleeps” and a new link — major designer’s Spring-Summer 2011 release will only be open to retailers and the media, and fashion show will be open to consumers showcase the latest fashions on sale. It gathered in the “Vogue” magazine carefully selected fall and winter trends, more than 1,500 tickets on sale, lowest price just 25 dollars. In the Sept. 10, nearly 1,000 retailers will be open until 11 o’clock at night, to attract people to come to consumption.

“The public fashion show focused on what we think the most important trend, so no matter what style or how the consumer has a budget, they can find creative inspiration.” Anna Wintour said.

In New York, the fashion industry is second only to the financial industry products. The city more than 800 fashion company, the number of staff up to 17.5 million the total paid to 100 billion U.S. dollars.

According to Reuters and the University of Michigan consumer survey, U.S. consumer confidence fell to the lowest point in July. Consumer spending accounts for two-thirds of the U.S. economy. Any weakness in consumer spending would appear to cast a shadow over the economic recovery.

Last year’s “fashion never sleeps” attracted into a thousand million consumers. Retailers hope this year to the same glory as far as possible out of the economic weakness of the problems.

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