Moving? Check Out Storage Facilities Or Pods In Portage, Mi


Did you know that as of 2010, at least 59% of Americans reside in the state that they were born in? Louisiana had the highest percentage of all the states at 78.8% with Michigan right on its heels at 76.6%, which did not mean people stayed in the same area just their home state. The two most common reasons for moving that are recorded are employment opportunities and housing reasons. In 2010 – 2011, only 11.6% of people changed residences, which happened to be a record low and had gone down from 12.5% in 2009.


Even with the percentage of moving lowering, it is still 11.6% of the entire United States population, which happened to be a little over 300 million people. That still averages out to almost 26 million people who moved. So where did all of these people put there belongings when they moved? One of the most convenient places would be storage units. If you are moving not too far away from your current house, a stationary storage facility would be ideal. Most facilities are clean, dry and secure with 24 hour access. Some units at certain facilities even have the availability of climate control. If you have an RV or a boat that needs to be stored because the new place just does not have the room, plenty of facilities for Storage Portage MI have the outdoor space available to do just this.

Another option for storing and/or moving all of your belongings are storage pods. These storage containers will actually be delivered to your home for you to pack personally. The bonus about this, is you do not have to make all of those trips with a loaded vehicle to and from the facility itself. Also, with these containers being put on the ground to pack, there is no need for ramps and makes easier packing for the consumer. Just pick the size container that is needed (usually by how many rooms you will be packing into it) for Storage Portage MI. The average price for 16 foot container is approximately $179 monthly rent with a little over a $60 delivery charge.