Metal Casting Tools And Definitions Of Metal Casting Tools

By Kent Klein

There are various types of casting tools. Provided below are details of some of the casting tools.

Esmarch plaster scissors: These are German stainless steel cast scissors of high quality. The entire length is 20 centimeters or 8 inches. There is a 6 centimeters slanted blade for safety of the patient. The handle for leverage is of 15 centimeters. This is perfect to cut the inner layers of synthetic cast materials or plaster.

Lister bandage scissors: These are stainless steel bandage scissors of high quality. The size of the blade is 5.5 centimeters. It resists rust and corrosion. This scissors are perfect to remove QuickCast splints and casts.

Cast scissors for serial finger casts: These are manufactured from German stainless steel of highest quality. The total length is 9 centimeters. There is a 1.3 centimeters slant design on the cutting surface. During cast removal, there is good patient safety and the scissors offer excellent force.

Cast spreader: This has a stainless steel construction. There is a spring loaded handle to facilitate use.


Cast breaker: The length of the cast breaker is seven inches. This is an O.R. quality German instrument. This is used for lightweight cast breaking and trimming. This has deep serrated tips and is free of latex. The cast breaker is available in sizes of 9.5 inches also.

Plaster and Utility shears: The length of this instrument is 8 inches. This is a German instrument of O.R. quality. There is a spring loaded handle design that decreases the hand fatigue. This is very efficient in case of cotton or cloth wadding. It is free of latex.

Wire suture scissors: This is a stainless steel scissors of high quality. This is a perfect device to remove finger serial casts and to make tight corner cuts.

Fiskars all purpose snips: This instrument has a positive safety latch, a stainless steel spring and a comfort grip. The design is such that there is maximum power and handling ease. The stainless steel blades of high quality are used to cut a wide range of materials. Low temperature thermoplastics can be cut at room temperature by this device.

Aviation snips: These snips are of industry quality. Non-heated splinting material can be cut with efficiency. It can be used to cut straight lines as well as wide curves. The handles are coated with plastic to increase the comfort. This device can be used in the left hand as well as right hand.

Softouch spring action scissors: Those who have weak hands can also operate these by employing half the effort. There is a gray cushion grip. This is used to provide relief to the finger and thumb discomfort. It also absorbs squeezing pressure. The handle can be easily gripped and used in the left hand or right hand. There is a gentle spring action to open blades at the end of each cut. This offers relief to the hand and joints. There is a large slide lock for single handed operation. This also maintains the blades closed for portability and safe storage. It is free of latex.

Cast stand: The height can be adjusted. This comprises of a drip bucket. While the limb is being casted, it provides support to the arm or leg of the patient.

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