Louis Vuitton Tambour Forever Silver Watch With Pink Alligator Strap}

Louis Vuitton Tambour Forever Silver Watch with Pink Alligator Strap


Tommy Martin

From the point of practicality, watch has become an unnecessary object for most people along with the widespread of cell phones. Nevertheless, from the angle of fashion a designer watch is a must-have item for fashion aficionados. It serves as a symbol of fashion and status. Here is a very stylish watch, Tambour Forever Silver watch from Louis Vuitton I was enchanted by.

Tambour Forever Silver watch is Swiss-made, featuring steel case with a diameter of 34 mm, horns set with white diamonds. Elegance and luxury are vividly appeared from the silver dial with a white diamond monogram flower with the sun ray effect. The background makes the monogram flower even more brilliant. The Sapphire glass with an anti-reflective coating and pink alligator strap adds some cuteness into the elegance. The design of hands luminescent coating makes the whole watch more eye-catching. And you dont need to worry about water penetration since it is waterproof to 100m. But as we all know style always comes with a price. This stylish Tambour Forever Silver watch costs a hefty $11,400. Anyhow we have to admit this sparkling silver watch is the ultimate accessory for contemporary women.




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Louis Vuitton Tambour Forever Silver Watch with Pink Alligator Strap }