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How To Know If He’s Really Into You Signs He’s Head Over Heels For You

You’re wondering how to know if he’s really into you. It’s not always easy to gauge what a man is feeling. He may say he’s crazy about you but you know better than to rely on that. His actions are the best way to see what’s going on in his heart. There are some behavior signs that indicate when a man is head over heels for a woman.

The question of how to know if he’s really into you is all about watching him more closely and taking note of certain things he does. For instance, if he does whatever it takes to spend time with you, he’s definitely falling for you. Most of us have dated at least one guy who cancelled on us at the last minute or he had an endless list of excuses for why he couldn’t make the dinner plans we arranged or why he had to bow out of escorting us to a wedding at the last minute. A guy like this is not that wild about you. He doesn’t care if he’s letting you down and that’s a clear sign of someone who is still just testing the waters of a new relationship.


If the man you are dating seems much more interested in your life than he is with telling you about his, he’s falling for you hard. You can always tell when a guy is preoccupied with trying to grab a woman’s attention. He’ll talk endlessly about himself. Once that shifts and he’s more interested in hearing about her and learning all those seemingly insignificant details about her life, he’s hooked.

If you know and hang out with his friends, that’s very telling. It may not seem all that important but for a lot of men, their friends mean a great deal to them and that means they don’t just introduce them to any woman they’re dating. They wait until they meet a girl who they believe could be the one.

When a man starts to fall in love he’ll do anything in his power to make his woman’s life that much easier. He’ll offer to cook her dinner, he’ll go pick up her dry cleaning and he’ll even arrange to get the oil changed in her car for her. He wants to be her knight in shining armor. If you notice your boyfriend is doing these types of things for you, you don’t have doubt where his heart is. It already belongs to you.

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