How Can I Train A Dog At Home

You can train a dog anywhere. So, how can I train a dog at home ? In fact, most of the training can be done at home. These are

1. How can I toilet train a dog at home

In fact, your dog should be toilet trained both in the house and outside the house. You should toilet train her when outside the house when you bring her out for walks, by bringing her to certain set places where it is easy for you to clean up the mess after her. Always have wet wipes, water and wrappings with you.

I used these 3 ways to toilet train my dog at home.

a. Toilet trained your dog with set boundaries

For new puppies, they are just like babies, totally clueless. Therefore, it is imperative for you to toilet trained them before any undesirable pattern sets in and they pee and poo anywhere they like. To toilet trained them, limit the area of their activities to a small area within which is located the site which you have set up for her to pee or poo. Make sure that she gets it right. As she gets it right more frequently, you enlarge the area and see whether she still goes to the designated spot to pee or poo. If she does not, restrict the area again and if she does, enlarge the area still further.

b. Toilet trained your dog with potty pad.

At the demarcated spot where you want her to pee and poo, lay it out with a potty pad that is yellow or blue and always directing her to that place until it is ingrained into her.

c. Toilet trained your dog with potty spray

You can similarly train your dog to recognise where she is supposed to pee and poo by spraying potty sprays around the area that you have designated

2. Behaviour Training

Most of the behaviour training can be done at home. Behaviours like barking, whining, digging or jumping.

Behaviour training is a bit more difficult as each particular behaviour is either linked to something, like anxiety, or their innate sense of comfort or security. Therefore, great patience is required to train her.

For example, the most common behaviour of all dogs is to jump at you when you return home. This is her way of expressing that she misses you. What you can do to break this behaviour is to withdraw your attention from her when she does that by leaving. Wait another few minutes before reappearing. Do this repeatedly whenever she wants to jump on you. On the other hand, when she quietens down and wait quietly for you to come into the house, reward her with extra attention.

After a period of time, she gets the message that the only way to get your attention is by not jumping at you.

3. Tricks

You can teach her many tricks at home too. You can teach her to sit, lie down, roll-over, dance, paw, high five, play dead.

Teaching her new tricks can be very fun and they usually pick it up very fast. The only thing is to break down the more complex tricks into more steps. You then teach her step by step until she gets the whole routine right.

You can usually coax her into performing tricks by rewarding her with treats.

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