Drinking Games Using Playing Cards}

Submitted by: Douglas Haltman

It’s fun to drink and even better when you play drinking games with friends. There are many types of games to consider when you drink and one of the best games to play – in order to keep the booze going – is an old-fashioned game of cards. There are a hundred drinking games using playing cards and surely there is a new and hilarious game created every day. But here are some of the best and most traditional games that are played using cards as you drink and have fun all night long:

• Circle Jerk – you need a full deck of cards all faced down in a circle and of course plenty of drinks at hand (beer, vodka, rum, etc). After playing Circle Jerk everyone will surely be so hammered no one will remember you played it in the first place! Players take turns picking cards and each card has a corresponding rule:

Ace – the first to put his thumb on the table will get this “free card” this is a pass to do anything you want, except quit. The last guy who placed his thumb on the table has to drink one glass down.

2 – 5 – the player who picked these cards will get to hand out drinks to all the players, each player has to drink his glass all the way down.

6 and 9 – are swear cards. Everybody decides on a swear word in the beginning of the drinking game and when these cards are drawn everyone has to say the swear word. The last one will have to drink glass down.

7 – A rule card that allows the player to make up any rule he wants.

8 – A bathroom pass card. No one is allowed to excuse himself to go to the bathroom without this precious card.

10 – Is a drink card. Everyone has to drink starting with the one who picked the card.

Jack – a category card. The player who picked this card has to think of a category that each one has to answer; the person who cannot has to drink.

Queen – the person to the right of the player drinks.

King – the person who pulls out the last of the four kings has to finish everybody else’s drinks.

• High Low – you need to guess if the next card from a deck is higher or lower. You need a full deck of cards, plenty of drinks for everyone and a whole lot of luck! This game, from Penn State University, can go on all night. A person who has guessed 5 straight correct guesses takes over the draw until another player gets 5 straight correct guesses. If you guessed wrong, then drink up!

• Patio Caps – created by an avid beer drinker who claims this drinking game is way better than Beer Pong. You need a patio table with a hole in the middle for the umbrella, a case or more beer, a deck of cards and a whole lot skill! The rule is simple, tossing caps in the table hole that corresponds to the card that you drew. For every miss, you drink. No bathroom breaks, throwing up and passing turns.

Endurance is the key to these drinking games – and the result? More reason to drink and have fun; enjoy!

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