Don’t Be A Shopaholic: A Payday Loan Warning

Submitted by: Wendy Pollman

Today, more and more people are availing of a payday loan because of the following reasons:

* It is quick

* It is hassle-free

* It requires not collateral

* It is short-term – your borrowed amount has to be repaid within 14 to 31 days.


If you are one of those who got hooked getting payday loans – Toronto or elsewhere – you may want to slow down. This is especially true if getting a payday loan – a Canadian payday loan for example – as a result of your mis-budgeting. This is especially true if you are getting a payday loan to cover your basic expenses (e.g. food, transportation) because you’ve spent all your month’s earnings for shopping!

Yes, some people, especially women, are prone to buying “unplanned stuff.” Women are more prone to shopping even if they cannot really afford to pay off those designer clothes and shoes.

So, how do you avoid becoming one of Rebecca Bloomwood’s padawans then? How do you keep on track of your budget and stay financially healthy? How do you combat the temptation to shop?

Here are a few tips:

1. Be on a strict “wants diet.”

Be sure to buy only the things that you need. Turn your cheek from those lustrous make-up kits, those pretty sandals, and those trendy clothes. When you are torn between buying a nice pair of shoes or not, ask yourself: do I need this or do I simply want this? Better yet, ask yourself: do I need this now?

The tendency for women is to buy something and categorize it as a need. They’ll tell themselves: I will need this… SOMEDAY… I’m sure. Don’t fall for this -ever!

2. Don’t get into shops that shout “Sale.”

Sale items are more tempting than those sold at their original price because you think you can save – regardless of how small the amount is. True, at the outset, getting a blouse sold for $50 instead of $75 allows you to save $25 – that’s a lot!

But the thing is, sometimes, you buy sale items even if you don’t want them 100%. You buy them anyway just because of the price. The tendency is, you end up not using them because after all, those blouses were not really your type.

So, have you really saved $25? Not really…

3. Refrain from going to malls.

If you find it really hard to get your hands off those fabulous clothes and shoes, then don’t go to the malls. Resist temptation to window shop. The trouble with window shopping is that even if you indeed remain true to its essence, you end up having something you want to buy in the future. You end up having a “future shopping expense.”

So there you have it, some simple tips to make you a more financially healthy individual – some more tips to keep you from getting a payday loan to help you afford a lifestyle that you cannot really afford. Remember, a payday loan is not just all about lemon drops and gum drops, it has the ability to kick you in the butt too – if you are not careful.

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