Dental Implant And Its Advantages}

Dental Implant and its Advantages


Dr. Sophia Richard

Well-shaped, bright teeth make our smiles beautiful and confident. Losing a single tooth or many teeth can drastically affect one’s appearance in a negative manner. Whether the loss is a result of an accident, poor maintenance or a disease, it eventually destroys your overall look. But worry not! With dental implants, tooth loss issues can be resolved pretty impressively.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are basically artificial tooth roots that function as good as a natural tooth root. These artificial roots are surgically implanted in the mouth of the patient to provide a strong foundation for fixed as well as removable replacement teeth that look same as natural ones. Dental implants come in different materials including titanium, stainless steel, and zirconia.

Why should you consider dental implants?


If you have got missing teeth, decayed tooth root or a damaged tooth, getting dental implants is the only best option. Here are some prominent advantages of this dental treatment:

1. Improved appearance

Do you feel unconfident when talking to others or smiling in public due to that front missing teeth? If yes, dental implantation is right here to resolve your problem. Get artificial tooth roots implanted in the place of missing teeth to hold replacement teeth and enjoy a confident smile. Dental implants make sure to improve your appearance by filling that funny gap in your mouth.

2. Improved speech

Many people opt for dentures to deal with tooth loss issue but face troubles later on. A denture is basically a removable structure of teeth that can be inserted or removed from the mouth easily. The basic problem with dentures is that they have poor fitting causing tongue slip and speech problems. While on the other hand, dental implants are fixed into your mouth pretty firmly that you can speak as clear as with natural teeth. There will be no fear of teeth or root coming out.

3. Total comfort

Dentures get pretty uncomfortable because they are not properly fixed. While dental implants are quite comforting because they become a part of you. Regardless of their fakeness, dental implants allow patients to feel like having natural teeth with no irritation or pain.

4. Easier eating

Eating without teeth or with dentures, both can be pretty uncomfortable. With dental implants, you can enjoy your favorite food without compromising on hunger cravings. Dental implants function as good as original teeth, allowing people to chew on anything they love to eat.

5. Durable and cost-effective

Dental implants are pretty cost-effective and offer durability. Instead of getting new dentures after every six months, opt for dental implants that last for years and with greater care, they can even last a lifetime. It’s a lifetime comfort in return for one-time payment!

6. Low-maintenance

Unlike dentures, dental implants don’t require much work from you. Just keep your mouth clean and visit your dentist regularly to keep dental implants in a good condition.

Stop worrying about decayed tooth roots or lost teeth and get dental implants now to enjoy a gorgeous smile!

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