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Create Automatic Home Movie With Muvee Reveal

Submitted by: Dian Afrial

Do you have a collection of photographs? Do not let the photos were just lying in the hard disk. Make it into a product that’s attractive and nice views. Example, by using this program – Muvee Reveal 8.0. You can create slideshows with attractive designs and animations that are different from other slideshow maker program.

On the main page of Muvee Reveal 8.0, you’ll find four main areas for making slideshows. Beginning from the area of insertion photos, the determination of style, music, and preview, it can be said as the process flow, complete with its number. You just click Add button in each area to include photos and music. Style slideshow provided quite a lot.

These style has good design with modern animation and sometimes it can move to the music that you submit. You simply specify styles and music, the program will process and arrange it into a slideshow of interesting impressions simply by pressing play button on the preview area. With this automated process, you do not have to worry about how many images you submit to the length of music, even Muvee Reveal will give advice if you enter a number of photographs which is still lacking or excessive. In addition, you can add a caption on the photo that you think describe the special circumstances for you.

On the insertion photos, all the information about the image can be found by right clicking. You can even corrects red-eye effect or modest effect on the image you selected. To perfection slideshow, Muvee Reveal 8.0 also provides freedom for you to give credit title or preface in the slideshow. In the Personalize, you can add company logos and sound narration. All settings are located in every area on the main page. So, practically, in the menu bar there is only File and Help menus. Such settings is of course easier for users.


Is that all? No, you definitely wouldn t be satisfied if you don t take advantage of existing features in Muvee Reveal. Yes, Muvee Reveal is video software that is easy and simple but has a feature that is needed for its users.

There are some features that are useful for you:

1) You do not need to worry about how many images that you inserted to suit the length of music, Muvee Reveal will give tips or advice if the photos are inserted more or less.

2) Now you can add information or text on each photo. Simply right click on the photo At the inserting images area, then click the caption.

3) You don t worry if your photos have red eye effect, you can correct it.

4) Magic Spot, by utilizing this feature you can spot in your picture to get the zoom effect.

5) In the Personalize, you can add Title, Credit, include a Logo, insert the voice over. Any of the settings.

Muvee Reveal 8.0 provides many formats that are created in your slideshow. Besides can be stored in video format, PSP, and other portable multimedia devices, Muvee Reveal 8.0 also provides a shared to-email, facebook, or youtube. That way, relatives or colleagues you can enjoy your work.

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