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Larissa Nicole Smith

filipino/s talk of with a certain respect, but for any one who has found America’s national parks or Europe’s mountains, it’s something of a disappointment, nothing more a conveniently location one-night stop on the way to the mountains beyond. But still, there are some sights in Baguio City ,Philippines and at least the night life is amusing and low-priced. City of Baguio,Philippines is a univertity city, & the student population has given come up to a number of bohemian little caf s,hotels in baguio .

Also recognise as City of Pines or City of Flowers, Baguio City Philippines lies on a tableland 1400 meters above sea lvl with mountains on all positions. In the sixteenth century, intrepid Spanish friars had started out to explore the region, obtaining a land of fertile valleys, mountains and pine-clad hills, lush vegetation and an abundance of minerals such as copper, gold and ore. News Reports about this newfound discovery unfold fast-paced in the capital, & soon more than friars, soldiers and fortune-hunters were trekking north to convince the natives to Christianity and turn a profit from the precious natural resources. In the 19th century, colonizing Americans took over & improved Baguio City into a modernized city, a showcase administrative and recreational center, from where they could preside over their priceless tropical colony without working up too much of a sweat. In 1944, when American pushes landed in Leyte, the head of theArmy of Japanese Imperial , Gen. Yamashita, move his headquarters to Baguio City & helped establish a puppet Philippine government activity there under Pres Jose Laurel. In 1945 the city was destroyed & 1000’s lost their houses as loosing forces flushed out General Yamashita and his army. Yamashita rapidly fled N(north) into the interior, leaving behind a little delaying force to cover his ignominious exit.


The city is also etched on the Filipino consciousness as site of one of the country’s worst natural calamities, the quake of July 16 1990, which measured 7.7 on the Richter Scale and killed hundreds, mostly in the city’s vulnerable shanty towns, numerous of which cling precariously to the sides of steep valleys.

City of Baguio’s attractive feature as a divine mountain retreat that in some way counteracts the depravity of Manila has faded in young years. Even the government’s tourism secretary was excellently moved to refer to Baguio City as a “tragedy” when he visited in 2002. The reasons are not hard to divine. The city centre, specially Session Road, is a tangle of smoke belching jeepneys and pollution has enlarged as a final result, having a gentle stroll along what should be a picturesque thoroughfare a battle against noise and fumes. Equally dissatisfactory is the lack of good trekking in the hills immediately surrounding Baguio City,Philippines. You would have thought a city with mountains on every side would have lot of marked trails through wilderness areas, but there’s nothing; just shabby hand-painted banners tied to pine trees advertising college reunions, charismatic prayer meetings and annual corporate conventions.

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