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5 Tips To Becoming A Successful Insurance Agent

By Kenneth Echie

Waiting on the phone to ring and writing a good insurance package for your clients isn’t enough in today’s world of competing insurance companies. With just a few tips, you can easily rake in six figures with a plan, dedication to your profession and hard work.


Perhaps your life has not always been geared toward selling insurance but that doesn’t mean that you cannot be the best once this is the road you wish to take. Business classes and insurance seminars are a must to learn the business and to stay on top of the challenges that insurance companies face. Never stop studying and knowing what is coming down the road so you can make the best choices for your clients.

Select a Focus

Don’t just offer a variety of homeowners, health, life or medical types of coverage but take one area and really hit it hard. Specializing in a particular insurance coverage will not only build a reputation among those that you have written but will also give you unlimited opportunities to educate the public and to pick up more business. Focus on professional organizations, offering free seminars and speaking to groups of employees and share your knowledge of what they need to know about your selected area of insurance. Your students will always remember certain facts and know where to turn.



A business card is nice but never let the fish get away! Jot down ideas throughout the month and deliver monthly newsletters to all of your prospects by email or brochures through the mail. Make your information entertaining and resourceful so that possible and existing clients will look forward to your presentation every month.

Offer Choices

Many individuals do not appreciate an insurance agent telling them that only one policy is right for them. People like to be involved in the process, especially with something as personal as insurance. Select three separate plans that are appropriate for your client and allow them to be a part of the final decision. They will walk away with a new plan and feel good about knowing that it is the best for their needs.

Get Personal

Insurance is a business that requires discretion and being able to win a client’s trust. It is difficult for your insured to trust you with their needs when they never see you. Always have a planner and keep it filled with appointments to meet with your existing clients at least twice a year. If your schedule becomes overwhelming, make a phone call. Any type of personal contact is better than none.

Learn to stay involved with the people who are paying you for a service and they will send their friends and neighbors to you. Many businesses do not even have a face behind a policy today and soon wonder why clients are not loyal to good coverage from their insurance company.

If you follow the above tips, I have no doubt you will become a successful insurance agent. All that is left is for you to execute.

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