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5 Scalp Massage Techniques As Treatments For Hair Loss

Today’s hair specialists suggest having regular sessions of scalp massage to encourage the growth of healthier hair. Besides its beneficial effects on the hair, scalp massage provides relaxation and releases tension, promoting a better state of mind.Scalp massage is among the most famous alternative treatments for hair loss. It offers a natural means to encourage hair regrowth without the risk of side effects.This procedure involves kneading and rubbing soft tissues to create a calming effect and to increase the flow of the blood specifically on the upper areas of the body. With proper blood circulation, the hair follicles are fed with an adequate amount of nutrients and oxygen, promoting optimum follicle functioning.More than that, a scalp massage provides pressure and warmth to the scalp, thereby decreasing stress levels and increasing the production of feel-good chemicals known as endorphins, which are beneficial for the growth of healthier hair strands.In addition, aromatherapy oils incorporated in a scalp massage therapy moisturizes dry skin as well as prevents dandruff. These oils help condition the hair follicles and lessen the chance of hair strands to become dry and easily breakable.The following are scalp manipulation techniques that serve as excellent treatments for hair loss:1. Effleurage Massage — uses a gentle stroking or gliding motion. Effleurage is one of the most common massage techniques used to stimulate healthier hair regrowth by applying gentle pressure on the scalp, providing a soothing and relaxing effect.This technique which is done using the fingertips or palms helps increase blood circulation in the scalp, delivering enough nutrients to the hair roots for healthier hair growth.2. Friction Massage — employs a vigorous rubbing movement using the thumb, fingertips, and pads of the fingers. Friction Massage stimulates the scalp to encourage hair regrowth rather than promote relaxation.3. Petrissage Massage — uses a slow, firm kneading movement. Petrissage is a scalp manipulation technique done using light or heavy kneading, pinching, rolling, and squeezing movements in circular motion to increase blood flow on the scalp and the hair follicles for better hair growth.4. Tapotement or Hacking — uses a brisk massage or percussion movement. This is done by stroking, cupping, hacking, and pounding (pummeling) to stimulate proper blood circulation and to strengthen sagging skin and muscles.5. Vibration Massage — employs a rapid movement using the fingertips or palms. Vibration massage helps relieve mental tension by exciting nerves and increasing the blood flow in the body. This technique makes the hair sheen, soft, and supple and stops hair loss and hair thinning problems.